10 Pricing Strategies that Can Drastically Improve Sales

Utilizing smart pricing strategies when selling your wares—be they products, services or subscriptions—is a must if you want to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

The worse thing you can do is to try to wing it when it comes to pricing … yet this is a mistake I see many entrepreneurs making.

Today we will take a look at some fascinating studies in behavioral economics that paint a clear picture of how you should properly set your prices—without the guesswork.

6 Simple Habits That Can Save You Hours

Every minute counts! Three productivity experts offer six ideas for hacking your habits for maximum productivity.

How To Have Awesome Team Experiences

After suffering through a number of group projects, something changed in my final year.Group projects stopped being so bad. Instead, they actually became extremely rewarding.

Setting up a Facebook page for your business can be simple and a good way to increase your Internet presence. Follow these easy steps to get you started!

Step 1: Create A Page

  • Go to https://www.facebook.com/
  • On the welcome screen under the green sign up box, click “Create a Page”


  • Select the type of page you are creating. Once you click on it you will need to fill out the information prompted under that heading.



  • Once you click “Get Started!” it will bring you to the log in page.

Keep in Mind

You must log in with a personal account to create a business page. During the process, the personal account will become the administrator on the business page. If you do not have a personal account, you will have to create one before continuing. If privacy is a concern, It is possible in the personal account’s privacy settings to make it invisible on the business page.

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There are two essential ways a small business owner works — in their business or on their business.

Donald Cowper

Ideas are worthless. Execution is everything.

Scott Adams

If you don’t have a Hover account already, you start at the homepage www.hover.com.


Enter the name of the domain name you would like in the search bar under “Get yourself a great domain name,” then click search.


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