Justin Jackson, on his blog

When we’re in the idea phase of a new business, we don’t think about the daily grind. How will it feel waking up every morning with 20 support emails in your inbox? Will it be easy to write a weekly blog post for your target market? Will you be willing to put your energy, creativity, money, sweat, and tears on the line for your customers?

When we are preparing to start a new company, launch a new products, or expand out business our thoughts often go to the standard business metrics. Will this be profitable? Is there a market for it? How can I maximize the margin?

All valid questions.

But another consideration should be made to, do you want to serve this market?

It’s a questions that Justin Jackson brings up and talks about in this great article. It’s one thing to know how to serve a market, it’s another to actually want to do it. Launching a new business or product is hard. There are lots of ups and downs. If you aren’t passionate or at least interested in the market you are working with, you’re not going to make it very far.

I recommend anyone thinking of starting a business, launching a new product, or expanding their current business to read the article.