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Interview with Chris Howland

Last year, I interviewed Chris Howland, founder and owner of Carillo & Howland Insurance (now Smith Brothers) about the eye-opening experience he’s had leaving the corporate world and making a go of it alone as a small business owner. It was an unexpected bit of enlightenment about ducking conventions and expectations alike, forming something new […]

In The Forums…

The Technology Should Be Simple Forums are a great place to ask and discuss anything going on with your small business. Get advice and feedback from people in the same position as you or have already solved the problem. Here are a few topics recently started. Head over to the forums section to join the […]

Reading List: Remote

Have you ever considered hiring a remote employee? Or allowing your employees to work remotely? Remote: Office Not Required is a book ahead of the curve. Released a few years ago, it speaks to the questions and problems presented across our increasingly remote work culture. When you’re starting your own business, it’s always important to […]

And We’re Off…

Technology Should be Simple is now available to the public. It’s been a little over a year of development and testing, but the Technology Should be Simple community for small business owners is accepting it’s first public members. And to make it even better, lifetime membership is free while we ramp up the community (first […]