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What Was The First Position You Hired?

The first time your business goes from just you to having an employee is a big step. It doubles the size of your business. It doubles the amount of paperwork you have to do (going from 0 to 1 employee is a lot harder than going from 1 to 2). It also puts a lot of trust in that person. What position did this first employee fill?

How did you fund the start of your business?

Starting a business takes capital. Doesn’t matter if it $10 or $10,000 the money is needed. How did you fund starting your business? Was it self funded? Venture capital? Small business loan?

Are you a Google Company? Apple? Microsoft?

It used to be common practice (and still is in many cases) to be all in on one company for running your business. You're a Microsoft company, or a Google company, or an Apple company, or whatever else you'd like. You pick one software platform to build your company off of for convenience and to make sure everything works together. I see this a lot in education. It's pretty rare to even see Apple computers in a Windows districts and vice versa.

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