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Are You A Google Company? Apple? Microsoft?

It used to be common practice (and still is in many cases) to be all in on one company for running your business. You’re a Microsoft company, or a Google company, or an Apple company, or whatever else you’d like. You pick one software platform to build your company off of for convenience and to make sure everything works together. I see this a lot in education. It’s pretty rare to even see Apple computers in a Windows districts and vice versa.

Community Outreach and Charity

Since starting my company, I have taken on charitable programs. Either pro bono work for a non-profit, or donating directly to local groups in the community.

How does your company handle charity work? Do you have any creative ways to interact with the community?


For federal income tax purposes, an unincorporated joint venture or other contractual or co-ownership arrangement under which several participants conduct a business or investment activity and split the profits is generally treated as a partnership.

This general rule applies even if the joint venture or arrangement is not recognized as a separate legal entity (apart from its owners) under applicable state law.

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