Technology Should be Simple Links 5: Customer Service

Here is our collection of the best links we’ve found this week. If you have a link we should know about post it to twitter with the hashtag #LCLinks.

The Customer Is Mostly Wrong – HelpScout Blog

When listening to feedback, the temptation to follow the customer’s lead is always looming. After all, they know their problem, so they are probably the best person to plot out the solution, right?

Top 4 Customer Service Tips for Ecommerce Companies – Ben Camerota on

It’s hard to overstate the importance of customer service in converting leads to buyers, and then buyers to loyal brand fans. Of course, your products or services for sale matter too – but they won’t flourish without a boost from high quality customer care at every step along the sales funnel. Put these four tips into action for your business, and you’ll find that the right support from your customer service team can make all the difference.

Responding To Fan Outrage: The Best Way To Say “I'm Sorry” – Zendesk Blog

Thanks to the pace and volume of social media, big game companies have had to quickly adjust their marketing and public relations strategies. What was once a carefully choreographed process of preview events and controlled access for the press in order to reach fans has now been blown wide open. Today, most players’ interactions with games take place via free demos, community forums, and blog posts from major companies direct to their fans.

3 Tips For Small Teams to Provide Big Support – Brian Boroff on

You don’t need a large support team to provide an outstanding customer experience. Surprised? Customers no longer require phone contact for all support requests, fundamentally changing the support function at companies large and small. With new, leveraged channels, smaller teams can scale without growing headcount. Easier said than done? Here are three approaches that support teams of any size can put into action:

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