Rivik Links 7: Email Marketing

Every week or so we post a collection of read-worthy Rivik Links. This week is focused on email marketing and building your email list. Email marketing is the tried and true online marketing solution that has had a big resurgence in popularity. Here are a few articles to help start and build your own email list.

The Expert’s Guide On How To Grow A Massive Email List – The Next Web

We’ve recently pushed email toward the top of our most valued sources, and it doesn’t seem like we’re alone in that. While social media might be the hot place to push your marketing efforts, there are many who choose to rely instead on building a valuable email list. And they couldn’t be happier.

30 Day List Building Challenge – Nathalie Lussier

Last summer I had a crazy idea. I wasn’t launching anything, I didn’t need to hustle or sell a bunch of stuff… but I wanted to focus on building my email list, and document my results.

 How To Get Email Addresses for Email Marketing – Aweber Blog

Email is an incredible marketing tool. With its widespread reach and viral potential, it allows your business to connect with prospects in ways that no other marketing medium can.

But without a list of subscribers with valid email addresses to send messages to, it’s hard to justify using email as a means of marketing your business.

Email List: The Goldmine Most Companies Overlook – Stride Blog

Marketers have been abuzz about social media for years. More and more companies are hiring dedicated “social media managers.” Some have even suggested that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will eventually spell the death of email.

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