Technology Should be Simple Links Volume 3

Technology Should be Simple Links is a regular feature on the blog, where we showcase some of the best links we’ve found recently. If you have a link we should know about post it to twitter with the hashtag #TechnologyShouldbeSimple.

The expert’s guide on how to grow a massive email list – Kevan Lee

In analyzing the websites and techniques of some of these awesome email list builders, a certain formula started to emerge. If I could boil down the process of building a massive email list to just the most basic parts, I think it would look like this:

Choosing An Open Source Content Management System [Infographic] – Rackspace

At its core, a CMS structures the experience of developing, managing and consuming a website. Chances are good that a big chunk of the content you’ll read on the web today (including this post) is being delivered through an open source CMS.

Best Business Apps for Chrome and Chrome OS – TechSource

For business owners, Chrome offers a lot of choices. It is free from the cycle of operating systems and the agony they bring with their difficult licensing, while also in sync with most of the Google services they already use.

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