Rivik Links 8: Cloud Storage

Every week or so I post a collection of read-worthy links from my RSS reader. This week I wanted to focus on cloud storage or “The Cloud” as it's sometimes called. It is a pretty broad term and can be confusing. Here are a few articles to help clarify cloud storage and how you can use it in your business.

OneDrive for Business FAQ – Microsoft Education in the Cloud

There are two OneDrive offerings available. One is our consumer OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive, which comes with 7GB of free storage and is catered towards personal storage use.  The other offering comes with Office 365 and is called OneDrive for Business, formerly known as SkyDrive Pro, which requires a valid Office 365 login to leverage. The default storage is now 1TB for OneDrive for Business.

Free Cloud Storage For Entrepreneurs: Top 6 Picks – Cheryl Conner

Entrepreneurs and startups throughout the world are taking advantage of cloud-based applications to manage everything from productivity and teamwork to resource scheduling and communications. The first apps out offered the prized ability to share and distribute files from the web that has now emerged into the ubiquitous category of free cloud storage, comprising dozens of apps.

10 Reasons You Should Build Your Own Cloud – Jack Wallen

Businesses have almost reached the point where working within the cloud is a necessity. Be it for data storage, data synchronization, web-based apps, or even cloud-based operating systems, businesses need to hitch a ride to the cloud to keep up with the ever-expanding world around them. However, that doesn't mean you need to depend upon a third-party to host your cloud. Any business can pull the cloud within reach and inside its own infrastructure. But why would you bother spending the time and resources to make your own cloud when so many are already available? Does this wheel really need reinventing?

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