Stuff We Like: DialPad

DialPad is a quietly remarkable VoIP app that caters specifically to business clients. This sharp focus comes courtesy of an experienced team: the founders created Google Voice, the telephony service that’s connected millions of Google users for years now. Now they're bringing a whole new level of innovation to the enterprise phone world.

Adventurous business owners taking the plunge will experience an upgrade, moving from the venerable Google platform to DialPad, for a number of reasons. DialPad brings several important business-centric features to the table, including toll-free phone numbers, the ability to juggle multiple numbers, call routing, and more. SMS and direct text are supported as well. Even better, the app allows you to work completely online, without the need for a forwarding cell number, a feature Google Voice doesn’t even boast.

I’m especially excited to talk about DialPad because I’ve been using it for my own company for over a year now, without issue. Reliability is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to apps designed for business work, and on that front, this app delivers.

Beyond its solid predictability, DialPad offers a wealth of reasons to stick around. There are loads of usability features, the kind of subtle pieces that aren’t often talked about in ad copy, but nonetheless make up a great portion of why we keep using the product. One great example is the app’s portability. Not content to remain solely on mobile platforms, DialPad allows you to make calls from the Chrome browser and your computer desktop, in addition to iOS and Android compatibility.

Another important feature is the ability to set office hours, accepting calls only during this window and redirecting them outside of it. Speaking of calls, you can move your current call from Wi-Fi to your mobile carrier network – or from your desktop to your mobile device, even – with a single tap. It’s this kind of intuitiveness that turns an app from a must-try into a must-keep.

The quality of life features continue with deep integration with Google Apps and Office365, allowing you to seamlessly import contact information. For example, I may get a call from a client, and from within DialPad, I can see the last email communications I've had with the contact and any upcoming shared event in my calendar. It takes the guesswork and frailty of memory out of the equation, connecting you with the relevant information. It’s not flashy, but it’s undeniably cool when you’re deep into a day’s work and loads of phone calls.

The very fact that DialPad places an emphasis on the decidedly unsexy realm of reliability and adaptability shows a deep understanding of the needs of business owners. This is a VoIP app that just works, all the time, without fail. It works in and across a number of platforms, making itself available wherever you are. Coming from the guys who designed the long-standing Google Voice, it’s not a surprise: DialPad is the first true successor, the next step for businesses depending on phone service.

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