Are You A Google Company? Apple? Microsoft?

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    Stephen Woicik

    It used to be common practice (and still is in many cases) to be all in on one company for running your business. You're a Microsoft company, or a Google company, or an Apple company, or whatever else you'd like. You pick one software platform to build your company off of for convenience and to make sure everything works together. I see this a lot in education. It's pretty rare to even see Apple computers in a Windows districts and vice versa.

    Since so much software is moving to the cloud, these is becoming less of an issue. If everything runs through your browser, you don't have to worry much about compatibility. As long as you have internet you are good to go. It's not always this simple (though I wish it was) but that's where we are heading.

    With that in mind, do you stick to one platform in your company? Does everyone have to use Apple? Do all employees run Windows desktops? Does everyone use Google Docs? What are your thoughts on the subject, or are you the kind of business that lets people use whatever tools they want as long as the work get done?

    In my personal experience, my company uses a wide variety of technology. That has much to do with the service we provided though. As a technology constant, we need to be informed and practiced in lots of different technologies. For example, my desktop is Linux, my tablet is a Surface, my phone is an iPhone, and I store most my files in Google Drive. It's a pretty diverse platform, but everything seems to work together.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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