Welcome to the new Technology Should Be Simple website. This site has been through a few variations over the years. It was originally the first blog I built as part of a college project. That was a long time ago though. The site has since been incorporated into Rivik Media in several different ways. However, it has sat dormant for the last two years.

It is being relaunched today as a blog powered by Rivik Media and the many small business owners we work with. The goal is to provide insight, advice, and expertise on how to make your small business run better with technology.

There will be posts from Rivik Media, interviews will business owners, helpful links each month, guest posts, and many other types of content.

We decided to create this blog as a separate website from Rivik Media because it will cover a much larger variety of topics. It will also include opinions that may not reflect what Rivik Media recommends.

We hope you find useful and actionable information for running your business on the site. If you want to stay up to day without having to check the site regularly, subscribe to our email list using the form at the bottom of this page.