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I am not an entrepreneur. I don’t run a start-ups. I don’t want help with my personal productivity.I am is a business owner. I run a company. I want help with my company’s productivity, and that distinction is the point. I am an owner of an established company; not a start-up, not an entrepreneur.

I am building a community for small business owners like myself–one I want to be part of. I’ve always subscribed to the old adage: “If you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” I don’t want to be the end-all source of knowledge on how to run a small business. I want to find out what other small businesses owners are trying; what their successes are, and what their failures are.

This is what Technology Should be Simple is about: a community for small business owners. Not a network, but a community. The distinction is deliberate; a community helps its members, regardless of relationship, and that community consists of all members. A network is built entirely on relationships. You may meet, talk with, and help those within your immediate network, but rarely do you reach outside of your network to interact with someone without an introduction. There is a quid pro quo to the activity in a network.

Technology Should be Simple is born of my frustrations as a business owner. I have searched for a place where I can both learn from other business owners as well as share my own experiences. Owning and running a small business is a journey, and it’s one so many others share. When I’m faced with a new situation or find myself at a loss for an answer to a problem, I want to be able to ask a community and get a real answer–not a sales pitch or the first result on Google.

I’m not asking the community to do the work for me, but having an expert answer a question is the best way to avoid hours of misguided and unfruitful research.

The give and take dynamic between members is what makes Technology Should be Simple so valuable. No one is an expert in everything. Imagine being able to talk to other business owners who are going through or have already went through what you’re struggling with. Learn from the years of experience that came before you.

Business doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game, and we don’t have to struggle individually when we can have success as a group. The real winners in business are those who work together and are willing to ask for help.

Welcome to Technology Should be Simple, a community where you can share your experiences; your challenges, struggles, and successes with other business owners who are, have been, or will be where you are at this very moment. Let’s help one another succeed.

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